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Latest news

Nottingham Outdoor Netball League - New Season! [ 21 Mar 2021 ]
The new season of our new Nottingham Outdoor Netball League is starting soon!

The South Yorkshire Tri Netball League [ 20 Mar 2021 ]
The new season of our brand new exciting outdoor netball league is starting soon!

Sheffield Outdoor Netball Leagues Starting June 2021! [ 20 Mar 2021 ]
New times...new leagues! We are delighted to announce Match Night will be launching two brand new outdoor netball leagues in Sheffield starting in March 2021.

Birmingham Outdoor Netball - New Season! [ 19 Mar 2021 ]
The new season of our Birmingham Outdoor Netball League is starting again soon. Giving new teams the chance to enter the league and join in the fun!

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