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Pool players for the leagues can be contacted on the Facebook groups below.  It is a very simple process and all the leagues pool players are in these groups.  If you send a request to join the group and then once accepted, post a message requesting a pool player for your game.   You can then discuss the arrangements and details with the pool player direct.

Sheffield Netball League Pool Player Facebook Group

Nottingham Netball League Pool Player Facebook Group

Birmingham Netball League Pool Player Facebook Group

If you are an individual player wanting to become a pool player.  Please join the Facebook group for your league and also email me on david@match-night.co.uk to register as a pool player.

To check the pool player rules please click here.


Latest news

Nottingham Outdoor Netball League - New Season! [ 21 Mar 2021 ]
The new season of our new Nottingham Outdoor Netball League is starting soon!

The South Yorkshire Tri Netball League [ 20 Mar 2021 ]
The new season of our brand new exciting outdoor netball league is starting soon!

Sheffield Outdoor Netball Leagues Starting June 2021! [ 20 Mar 2021 ]
New times...new leagues! We are delighted to announce Match Night will be launching two brand new outdoor netball leagues in Sheffield starting in March 2021.

Birmingham Outdoor Netball - New Season! [ 19 Mar 2021 ]
The new season of our Birmingham Outdoor Netball League is starting again soon. Giving new teams the chance to enter the league and join in the fun!

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